What’s New with Facebook Advertising

06.26.2017 / Posted in Advertising

What has changed with Facebook advertising in 2017?

Well, quite a lot, actually.

To keep up with the latest tools, tactics and strategies, you need to fully immerse yourself in the world of Facebook’s social media empire. And as you don’t have time to do that, we did it for you.

Here are a few of the newest ways to get the most out of your Facebook advertising.

The Collection Ad

The collection ad is a relatively new ad format that combines a feature video with accompanying products below it in a carousel-style format that lets receivers scroll through related products—all without ever having to leave Facebook.

Usually, these ads are compiled through an algorithm that grabs items from a website’s shopping cart, which the user has filled but hasn’t purchased prior to visiting Facebook. These ads have become very powerful in bringing the customer back to your site to finish his or her purchase.

GIFs in Ads

Facebook now allows you to add motion to images to catch the user’s attention. In the past, you had to create short videos for the same effect.

Movement is an essential piece of the attention-grabbing puzzle.

Beefed-up Marketing Analytics

Facebook has strengthened its digital marketing analytics to help you manage your campaigns more effectively.

Advertisers can now track Facebook Page interactions including audience reactions to posts, user comments, and user shares. Also, you can now track the success of your bots, apps, and other services provided through Facebook.

Further, the new artificial intelligence−powered Automated Insights tool is perfect for larger-scale campaigns in which you need to segment audiences.

Auto Message via Messenger

You can now trigger Facebook Messenger ads when someone leaves a comment on your post.

The more comments on your post, the higher the relevance score for your ad. In many cases, a high relevance score means better placement and a lower advertising cost per click or impression.

Communicating through Messenger means you can directly communicate with your audience where they live and where their friends live online. This feature provides a more personal engagement; you no longer need to send users to a landing page or to your website to exchange information, provide a deal, or get them to act. In addition, this feature allows you to collect valuable data on users within the same platform you use for communicating with them.

Video Format

Square, landscape, letterbox with or without text?

When you ponder what video format will work best for your ads, consider testing many types of delivery methods. Will a text-only motion video work better than a “talking head” video? Testing multiple formats and lengths for your video is the only way to explore what types of formats best attract your audience.

In Summary…

The big takeaway here is that Facebook continues to dominate the media world by evolving its platform for advertisers. Companies that understand how to use the tools within Facebook properly will reap the benefits of higher engagement, lower cost per acquisition, and overall better results.

Stay tuned, because this is an ever-changing online advertising universe.

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