Common Mistakes in Search Ad Campaigns

09.24.2018 / Posted in Advertising, Articles

Mistakes with search advertising cost companies time and money—and quickly.

Search engines have made it so easy to start search-ad campaigns that companies rush in and often get burned. If you want to make money with your ads, not lose it, avoid these three most common mistakes.

Search Ad Mistake #1: Poor Keyword Selection

As we’ve said before, search ads are all about the keywords.

One of the most common mistakes companies make when creating search-ad campaigns is poorly choosing keywords. Keywords that are based on the wrong parameters and that aren’t narrow enough to direct the right people to an ad waste money.

To avoid this, read our keyword article. You’ll find out how to ensure your keywords match buyer intent by getting into your target audience’s headspace and how to research keywords to help ensure you budget wisely.

Search Ad Mistake #2: Choosing the Wrong Match

When you create an ad campaign on Google, the platform will ask you if you want to target your ads in one of the following two ways: “Broad” or “Exact.”

Which one should you choose?

Google uses broad match as a default setting to allow ads to show up for keywords and phrases that it feels best match the user’s intent. Thinking that broad sounds better, many people without a lot of ad experience agree to broad matching. However, this default setting means that Google will serve your ad to people looking for a product or service that is like yours, but that’s not exactly what you offer.

The difference can quickly eat away at your budget without any return on investment. Choose the “Exact” match option in the campaign settings.

Search Ad Mistake #3: Specifying “Display Network” Instead of “Search Network”

Google allows you to choose which network or networks you want to have serve your ads.

Choosing “Display Network” will show your ads on Google-associated websites. The “Search Network” option shows your ads above and below search results in the main search engine.

The default setting in Google is “Search Network with Display Select.” To conserve budget among a more targeted group before broadening your ad range further—allowing you to run more ads with a starter budget and test and adjust based on results—change the default setting to “Search Network.”

How Do You Prevent Search Ad Mistakes?

Having a marketing strategy and plan that outlines your target audience, your key messages, and your timeline and budget—among so many other critical factors to achieving growth—is key to avoiding these mistakes (and so many more.)

The other key? Bringing in experts. For help on your next search ad campaign, contact FroDog today.


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