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12.03.2018/ Posted in Articles, White Papers

Understanding E-mail Marketing Technology

E-mail marketing technologies abound; no longer is marketing via e-mail as simple as adding a contact list and hitting send. The good news? E-mail can have more impact than ever before as part of your marketing mix. The bad news? For e-mail marketing to succeed, you must successfully navigate which technologies best suit your goals […] […] READ ARTICLE

28.08.2017/ Posted in Articles, White Papers

E-Mail Marketing Best Practices

This white paper on e-mail marketing best practices provides an overview of e-mail marketing and what it can do for your business. (Hint: If you think it’s just spam, think again.) With the right know-how and the right team and tools, e-mail marketing can be a critical component of your marketing plan. In this white […] […] READ ARTICLE

01.02.2016/ Posted in Articles, Strategy, White Papers

Strategy & Planning Concepts

This white paper focuses on the concepts of planning and strategy. Planning is the ongoing management process of choosing the objectives to be achieved during a certain period, setting up a plan of action and maintaining continuous surveillance of results so as to make regular evaluations and if necessary modify the objectives and plan for […] […] READ ARTICLE

18.12.2015/ Posted in Articles, White Papers

Social Marketing: An Overview on Behavior-Change Marketing and How It Can Be Purposeful in B2B Marketing

The term “social marketing” has been skewed in recent years due to its frequent confusion with social media marketing, such as posting content and advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook. Social marketing is a public health marketing methodology that uses commercial marketing techniques to promote the adoption of behaviors that will improve the health or well-being […] […] READ ARTICLE

26.08.2015/ Posted in Articles, Strategy, White Papers

Developing a Competitive Analysis that Works

Few companies have few or no competitors. Even if direct competition is meager, your organization competes with other alternatives in the same space and with the status quo. Smart companies perform competitive analyses on clockwork schedules. A solid competitive analysis will help you identify how your company should position itself and its products and services […] […] READ ARTICLE

17.06.2010/ Posted in Communications, White Papers

Mergers and Acquisitions: The Role, Value, and Cost of Marketing and Communications

Corporate leaders, accountants, and attorneys who weigh merger and acquisition opportunities carefully consider balance sheets and potential organizational efficiencies. However, failure to seek perspectives from marketing and communications experts means many M&A decisions are based on an incomplete understanding of key challenges, opportunities, and costs. This contributes to the disappointing financial results of many corporate […] […] READ ARTICLE

26.03.2010/ Posted in Measurement, White Papers

What are Marketing and Communications Worth? Measuring Results against Business Goals

In today’s tight economy, more business leaders say they want to see proof of marketing and communications results, but very few companies hold their marketing departments to the same measurement standards as their sales teams. As a result, many businesses cut back on marketing when they need it the most. Measuring the effectiveness of marketing […] […] READ ARTICLE

31.10.2008/ Posted in Media Relations, White Papers

Crisis Communication in Health Care: Developing Plans That Work

Health care organizations face many of the same operational risks as other companies—employee errors, executive malfeasance, natural disasters, and so forth. Other issues like malpractice suits, drug and device recalls, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act violations pose unique challenges. This white paper addresses how to develop flexible communications plans that enable health care […] […] READ ARTICLE