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30.11.2015/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Why Companies Set Growth as a Primary Business Objective

At FrogDog, we often work with companies that are looking for ways to achieve growth. These companies engage with us once they realize they should aim to keep their company moving forward instead of remaining static, which places them at risk of elimination. You’ve probably seen this before—a company that has experienced growth for many […] […] READ ARTICLE

11.11.2015/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Applying Social Marketing Principles to B2B Marketing

This article is the fourth and final article in a series of articles on social marketing. To begin at the beginning, click here to read the first article. Social marketing is a public-health marketing methodology that uses commercial marketing techniques to promote behaviors that will improve the health and well-being of target audiences. Commonly used […] […] READ ARTICLE

22.09.2015/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Change is Good: Why You Should Always Challenge the Status Quo

“We’re happy with the way things are now.” This statement may seem harmless, but the idea it represents – maintaining the status quo – is essentially kryptonite to the growth potential and future success of your company. What is the Status Quo? Simply put, the status quo is the tendency for companies (and people) to […] […] READ ARTICLE

26.08.2015/ Posted in Articles, Strategy, White Papers

Developing a Competitive Analysis that Works

Few companies have few or no competitors. Even if direct competition is meager, your organization competes with other alternatives in the same space and with the status quo. Smart companies perform competitive analyses on clockwork schedules. A solid competitive analysis will help you identify how your company should position itself and its products and services […] […] READ ARTICLE

01.06.2015/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

The Value of Qualitative Research

Whether you’re marketing a product, service, or experience, the first step to success is putting together a killer strategy. And the first step to a well-developed strategy is research. Lots of it. There are two main types of research: quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative involves pulling numbers and statistics – what most people think of when […] […] READ ARTICLE

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Eight Ways to Turn Your Business into a Thought Leader

Thought leadership is the process of developing and sharing ideas, insights, and new perspectives to establish an individual or company as the foremost authority in a specialized field. As the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise, thought leaders are trusted sources who move and inspire other people with innovative ideas. To […] […] READ ARTICLE

17.04.2015/ Posted in Strategy

Marketing Strategy: Focusing on the Longtail

Having a marketing strategy is important to your business. Traditionally, marketers focused on targeting the most popular products to the masses. However, as the market has become more fragmented, it has become more challenging to achieve mass reach. One way to address the challenge of a fragmented market is to adopt what’s called a “longtail […] […] READ ARTICLE

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How to Choose the Right Competitive Strategy

Note: This is the third article in a series on competitive strategy from FrogDog. To begin from the beginning, click here. After you’ve developed a strong competitive analysis, you’re ready to assess which competitive strategy makes the most sense for your company. Choosing a competitive strategy is critical for marketing success—so spending the time needed to […] […] READ ARTICLE

02.05.2014/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan: The Difference

If you get confused between marketing strategies and marketing plans, you aren’t alone. Yet if your company seeks to expand, you need to know how each of these elements will help you achieve your objectives. Definition: Marketing Strategy A marketing strategy outlines the objectives of your marketing efforts. Your company’s business objectives must drive your […] […] READ ARTICLE

29.04.2014/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Three Competitive Strategies for Your Business

Note: This is the second article in a series on competitive strategy from FrogDog. To read the first article, click here. Once you’ve analyzed your competition, you can develop a powerful competitive strategy for your business that you can sustain over the long term. To help you assess what route might be best for your company, let’s look […] […] READ ARTICLE

17.02.2014/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

How to Develop a Game-changing Competitive Analysis

Few companies have few or no competitors. Even if direct competition is meager, your organization competes with other alternatives in the same space (gymnastics programs compete with soccer camps for school-aged children, for example) and with the status quo. And the competitive landscape changes quickly. New competition enters the market, old competition focuses elsewhere, and […] […] READ ARTICLE