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30.03.2016/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Planning for Growth in Business

Planning is the ongoing management process of setting objectives to be achieved during a certain period of time, developing a plan of action, and continuously monitoring results so regular evaluations and, if necessary, modifications, can be made to the objectives and action plan. It is the process of making today’s decisions with the future in […] […] READ ARTICLE

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Marketing Messages that Resonate with Your Customer

Ironically, the term marketing messages sounds like it could be a broad term for all different types of marketing content from websites to brochures to advertising. In actuality, marketing messages are three to four very specific, short statements that support what your business does best and how your company is positioned in the marketplace relative […] […] READ ARTICLE

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When and How to Adjust the Price of Your Product or Service

As we’ve discussed in our previous articles on pricing new products and services and pricing special products and services, selecting the optimal pricing strategy is often a difficult task. But once you’ve identified the best strategy for your product or service and set the initial price, you’re done! Right? Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Markets […] […] READ ARTICLE

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Analyzing Your Strengths and Weaknesses to Achieve Growth

To operate successfully in a changing market, companies should plan their objectives and strategies around their strengths and downplay their weaknesses. At FrogDog, we know that market analysis and strategy development are continual processes as today’s strengths could turn into tomorrow’s weaknesses. Before evaluating your company against the market, you need to conduct qualitative and […] […] READ ARTICLE

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Five Pricing Strategies for Special Products and Services

By now you should be familiar with when and why to use skimming and penetration pricing strategies (if not, read the first article in our series on pricing strategies). Skimming pricing and penetration pricing, however, aren’t the only pricing strategies out there, nor are they the optimal strategies for every product. Special cases exist in […] […] READ ARTICLE

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Strategy & Planning Concepts

This white paper focuses on the concepts of planning and strategy. Planning is the ongoing management process of choosing the objectives to be achieved during a certain period, setting up a plan of action and maintaining continuous surveillance of results so as to make regular evaluations and if necessary modify the objectives and plan for […] […] READ ARTICLE

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Strategies for Growth

Growth is by far the most common goal that clients have when they come to FrogDog. This goal might include growth in sales, assets, profits, clients, resources, and/or personnel. Companies in industries that are expanding must grow to survive. Established companies need to grow to increase sales and take advantage of opportunities such as reducing […] […] READ ARTICLE

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Why Companies Set Growth as a Primary Business Objective

At FrogDog, we often work with companies that are looking for ways to achieve growth. These companies engage with us once they realize they should aim to keep their company moving forward instead of remaining static, which places them at risk of elimination. You’ve probably seen this before—a company that has experienced growth for many […] […] READ ARTICLE

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Applying Social Marketing Principles to B2B Marketing

This article is the fourth and final article in a series of articles on social marketing. To begin at the beginning, click here to read the first article. Social marketing is a public-health marketing methodology that uses commercial marketing techniques to promote behaviors that will improve the health and well-being of target audiences. Commonly used […] […] READ ARTICLE

22.09.2015/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Change is Good: Why You Should Always Challenge the Status Quo

“We’re happy with the way things are now.” This statement may seem harmless, but the idea it represents – maintaining the status quo – is essentially kryptonite to the growth potential and future success of your company. What is the Status Quo? Simply put, the status quo is the tendency for companies (and people) to […] […] READ ARTICLE

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Developing a Competitive Analysis that Works

Few companies have few or no competitors. Even if direct competition is meager, your organization competes with other alternatives in the same space and with the status quo. Smart companies perform competitive analyses on clockwork schedules. A solid competitive analysis will help you identify how your company should position itself and its products and services […] […] READ ARTICLE