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08.04.2019/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

The Critical Difference between Marketing and Sales Support

Though they need to work in tandem in most cases—unless your company sits on one of the far ends of the sales–marketing spectrum—sales and marketing are different disciplines. How Sales and Marketing Work Together Marketing broadcasts your company’s key messages to your defined target audiences—something one-on-one conversations cannot achieve with equal breadth, volume, and velocity. […] […] READ ARTICLE

04.03.2019/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Why You Should Take Off Your Marketing Hat

For certain disciplines, everyone’s an expert. Even people who’ve never done a single thing in the field. They just know the right way to do it. Education, training, experience, and results aside. Trust the Experts Unlikely that laypeople would tell a foremost hand surgeon how to fix a tricky mess of an injury, yet they’ll […] […] READ ARTICLE

17.12.2018/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Brand Awareness? How… Soft.

You’re proud of your company’s brand, right? (We figured you were!) Yet you’d agree that it doesn’t matter how proud you are of your company’s brand if your target audience doesn’t even know about it, right? THE IMPORTANCE OF BRAND AWARENESS Brand awareness represents how familiar your target audience is with your brand and how […] […] READ ARTICLE

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Marketing Assets and Marketing Channels: The Critical Difference

Marketing assets and marketing channels are inextricably linked. Further, you need both. Yet they are entirely different in ways that matter vitally to your marketing success. Marketing Assets Defined In FrogDog parlance, a marketing asset is something static to which your marketing channels drive your target audience. Assets give people something they want—and something you […] […] READ ARTICLE

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What Does Your Corporate Social Responsibility Look Like?

Not long ago, full-scale, coordinated, organized corporate social responsibility programs were initiatives undertaken mainly by large corporations. Smaller and midsized corporations might have an employee volunteer day once or twice a year—but a full-on program for giving back to their communities? Rare. Today, things have changed. Small and midsized corporations have taken on and benefitted […] […] READ ARTICLE

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Ten Top Marketing Questions Answered

Questions, we get questions! As happens for someone in any profession, when clients, friends, business contacts, and beyond learn what we do, they all have marketing advice they’d like to get. (Which is flattering!) Here’s a list of some of the marketing questions we get often—all answered, just for you. Question 1: How Can I […] […] READ ARTICLE

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Is Your Company Abandoning Marketing Best Practices?

“Marketing, eh? Talk about an industry that’s completely changed in the last few years! Did you have to relearn everything? How do you keep up with it?” Hey, it’s a fair question. Social media didn’t exist in anything like its current state only ten years ago. Google showed up on the scene—and yowza, has it […] […] READ ARTICLE

15.10.2018/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Marketing as a Dumping Ground

Over decades in operation working with companies large and small, the FrogDog team has seen organizations put all kinds of responsibilities into the marketing department. Marketers Not Marketing We’ve seen more than one company that had its marketing team serving as the corporate travel agency, booking hotels, flights, cars, tickets, and making dinner reservations for […] […] READ ARTICLE

17.09.2018/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Hello, Brand Loyalty? Are You There?

Brand loyalty—the measure by which marketers assess consumers’ willingness to switch from one brand to another—has suffered in recent years due to changes in consumer shopping behaviors. Even top brands have taken significant hits to their top lines, leaving them scrambling to find new ways to bring back fickle buyers. For example, In 2014–2015, sales […] […] READ ARTICLE

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How to Create an Effective Marketing Moment

We all experience moments in our lives that inspire us, empower us, and manage to alter our worlds. Do you remember a time when a company took customer service the extra mile, convincing you to become a loyal buyer? Do you recollect a poignant “a ha” instance in your professional career that gave you a […] […] READ ARTICLE

23.10.2017/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Choosing the Right Marketing Channel

Facebook is a powerful marketing channel. So should you invest your marketing dollars in Facebook ads? And is e-mail marketing enough, or should you try marketing automation as well? How about Twitter and Snapchat? Worth it? Maybe, but maybe not. Choosing the right channel means determining where your target audience spends its time—which may be […] […] READ ARTICLE

09.10.2017/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Use Multiple Media for Marketing Success

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Marketing is all about repetition. (See what we did there? Oh, yeah.) Seriously, though, it doesn’t matter how many times we say it, it seems like we can’t say it enough. You can’t try something once and know whether it worked—especially when it comes to marketing. […] […] READ ARTICLE