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07.01.2015/ Posted in Articles, Social Media

The Scoop on Image-Based Social Media

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Pictures can convey much more in a shorter period of time than text-based tweets and posts. In a world where thousands of brands are competing for attention from the same consumers on a regular basis, getting your message across in a short period of time is becoming […] […] READ ARTICLE

17.11.2014/ Posted in Articles, Measurement, Social Media

What You Need to Know About Engagement Rates

As with all digital channels, social media explodes with metrics that marketers can use to determine what works and what needs adjustment. In fact, the channel offers so much data, marketers can get lost in the weeds. Setting measures through which to assess the success of social media efforts along defined objectives is critical to […] […] READ ARTICLE

10.02.2014/ Posted in Articles, Social Media

Using Social Media to Create Preconference Hype

Attending and exhibiting at conferences are expensive endeavors. If you’re going to do them, you’d better make the best use of every resource you have to get the most return on your investment. One valuable asset: Your social media presence. Social media can play an immense role in connecting to exhibitors, speakers, and attendees prior […] […] READ ARTICLE

17.01.2014/ Posted in Articles, Image Management, Social Media

How to Handle Online Reviews

Doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in: Online reviews will have an impact. Potential and current clients and contacts can check out reviews of your business via Yelp, Trip Advisor, Glass Door, Google Maps, and Citysearch, and they can see what people say about you on social sites like Twitter and Facebook. What they […] […] READ ARTICLE

25.10.2013/ Posted in Articles, Social Media

What is Graph Search?

In August 2013, Facebook launched Graph Search to all U.S. users. When you use Graph Search, Facebook searches all its data to display results about anything: Users, pages, photos, videos, companies, places, and, soon, status updates. You can Graph Search for friends who live near you—and you can search for friends who live near you […] […] READ ARTICLE

10.06.2013/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing, Social Media

How to Create Effective Marketing Video

A 2017 study by HighQ shows that videos work: Online videos account for 74 percent of all web traffic from mobile devices. 75 percent of business executives watch work-related videos weekly and 59 percent indicate a preference for watching videos when the content is available in both text and video format. Over the next year, 96 […] […] READ ARTICLE

25.03.2013/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing, Social Media

Pepsi Tries Viral

In May 2012, Pepsi launched a video that went viral—pulling in over 21 million views to date. The team disguised NBA Rookie of the Year, Kyrie Irving, to look like an old man named “Uncle Drew.” The video shows Uncle Drew joining a pick-up game of basketball. He seems too old and out of shape […] […] READ ARTICLE

26.12.2012/ Posted in Articles, Social Media

Reddit: What Businesses Should Know

Reddit is a social news website driven by user-generated content in the form of a link or a self-post. Most users view Reddit as a modern-day bulletin board system enhanced for the Web. Users submit content on forums, which are split into multiple “subreddits”. Subreddits focus on a specific topic, and there are hundreds of […] […] READ ARTICLE

09.04.2012/ Posted in Articles, Social Media

How Twitter Users Decide Who to Follow

We get asked about Twitter a lot at FrogDog. Clients want to know whether it makes sense as part of their marketing mixes and contacts want to know best practices for it. Best practices for social media are always in flux. There was a time when sending an automatic direct message on Twitter when someone […] […] READ ARTICLE

16.11.2011/ Posted in Articles, Social Media

So You Want to Go Viral: 4 Tips that Can Help

Many marketing teams set out to create a viral campaign only to have their hard work fall flat. While there’s no silver bullet in viral marketing, we’ve got a few best-practices tips that can help. But first, what is it? Viral marketing is “viral” because it spreads like a virus among populations. Someone sees, experiences, […] […] READ ARTICLE

28.09.2011/ Posted in Articles, Social Media, Strategy

3 Ways to Get Customers Talking

Are your customers talking about you? More importantly, are you making it easy for your customers to talk about you? Recommendations from trusted sources cut through the clutter in a world saturated with marketing messages, which means that amping up word of mouth marketing should be part of your strategy. Here are a few thinking […] […] READ ARTICLE