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08.10.2018/ Posted in Articles, Recruitment

Five Essential KPIs for Recruitment Marketing

Everyone wants to recruit the best and the brightest—and we know you do, too. If you’re smart, you have a recruitment marketing strategy attracting the types of people to your company who you want on your team. You aren’t just putting out job ads when you have an open position—you’re considering recruitment as an ongoing […] […] READ ARTICLE

14.08.2017/ Posted in Articles, Recruitment, Social Media

Social Media for Recruitment Marketing

Do you have the talent you need to succeed? According to a 2014 survey, 36 percent of global employers reported talent shortages. That’s the highest percentage since 2007. In a more recent 2015 survey, 73 percent of CEOs reported being uneasy about the availability of vital skills. What’s a CEO to do? Broaden Your Recruitment […] […] READ ARTICLE

01.11.2013/ Posted in Articles, Recruitment

Recruitment Marketing: Doing Job Fairs Right

Job fairs have long been a popular tactic for recruitment marketing. They provide access to large pools of candidates who are actively searching for work—and a venue in which to meet them face to face for a short and informal interview. How to Choose a Job Fair Job fairs can be costly and time consuming, […] […] READ ARTICLE

04.11.2010/ Posted in Articles, Communications, Recruitment

Building Corporate Culture after M&A

Marketing and communications professionals work hard on external marketing, branding, and media relations issues during integration, yet internal communication is also vitally important. Cultural issues can be the toughest challenges to deal with during mergers and acquisitions. Academics define the term in a variety of ways, but corporate culture grows from experiences shared by employees […] […] READ ARTICLE