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12.02.2018/ Posted in Media Relations

Media Relations, Press Releases, News Items: What Do I Need?

How casually it’s thrown out: We need to issue a press release. Well, look. Probably not. Sometimes, sure. But not always. And, you see, it depends. No question, companies need to spread the word as far and as wide as possible about their latest events and updates—including internally, to their staff teams. However, in most […] […] READ ARTICLE

10.07.2017/ Posted in Media Relations

The Dangers of Wading into the Conversation

We know. It is so, so tempting. After all, the topic is all the rage. Everyone is talking about it. If you could just find a way to get your company name or brand or product into the conversation, it would be a huge marketing win—and would make your company look with-it and relevant, too. […] […] READ ARTICLE

07.07.2014/ Posted in Articles, Media Relations

How to Pitch to Trade Journalists

Here’s the scenario: Your company has spent time and resources developing a service or a product and you now need to identify the best ways to promote it among your target audience. One important level of communications involves reaching out to journalists in your trade to encourage them to write about you and your offerings, […] […] READ ARTICLE

05.11.2013/ Posted in Articles, Media Relations

Video News Releases: What, Why, and How?

Press releases don’t have to be text only. Video news releases (VNRs) are segments of video designed to look like news reports and sent to media. Typically, marketing, media relations, and advertising firms create VNRs—yet sometimes the government and larger corporations give them a go as well. The idea? To give the media ready-made content […] […] READ ARTICLE

16.04.2009/ Posted in Media Relations

Media Relations May Seem Cheap, but It’s Not Free or Easy

When budgets become tight, some business peoples’ marketing daydreams turn to so-called “earned media,” or press coverage. Why pay thousands of dollars printing direct-mail pieces or buying advertising time when media relations offers “free” exposure? On the surface, media relations may seem like a less costly alternative to other marketing disciplines, but it often requires […] […] READ ARTICLE

31.10.2008/ Posted in Media Relations, White Papers

Crisis Communication in Health Care: Developing Plans That Work

Health care organizations face many of the same operational risks as other companies—employee errors, executive malfeasance, natural disasters, and so forth. Other issues like malpractice suits, drug and device recalls, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act violations pose unique challenges. This white paper addresses how to develop flexible communications plans that enable health care […] […] READ ARTICLE