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04.06.2018/ Posted in Articles, Measurement

Using Lead-Velocity Rates to Inform Your Growth Strategy

Metrics attract us all. Numbers feel like hard-data ways to assess performance. And they are—but only when measured correctly and only when the measures are used correctly. We love metrics at FrogDog, and we tie all our marketing efforts to measures of success. One valuable metric—when used the right way—is the lead-velocity rate. Here’s what […] […] READ ARTICLE

18.09.2017/ Posted in Measurement

Vanity Metrics: A Cautionary Tale

Do your numbers sound good—and don’t mean anything? How can you help ensure your marketing aligns with your business goals—and is measured accordingly? Unfortunately, it’s easy to get seduced by vanity metrics—measurements, calculations, numbers, graphs, and charts—that look impressive, but aren’t relevant to your core business goals and the marketing goals you’ve set to align […] […] READ ARTICLE

22.02.2016/ Posted in Articles, Measurement

When Will I See Results on My Marketing?

As marketers, one of the most important things we want our clients to understand is that marketing can take time to deliver on key business goals. Our strategies involve thorough research that helps us to provide a plan that delivers the best results. And while sometimes you may feel like you are waiting on these […] […] READ ARTICLE

19.11.2015/ Posted in Articles, Measurement

More Accurate Measurement: Selecting Relevant Marketing Metrics

Was your last marketing campaign successful? How did it impact your business? What could you tweak to make it even more effective? If you can’t definitively answer these questions, chances are you are either unfamiliar with marketing metrics or you’re using the wrong marketing metrics. Savvy marketers use specific metrics to measure the success of […] […] READ ARTICLE

12.08.2015/ Posted in Articles, Measurement

Social Marketing: Testing, Dissemination, and Evaluation

This article is the third in a series of articles on social marketing. To begin at the beginning, click here to read the first article. So you’ve researched your target audience and its attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors. You’ve segmented your audience and crafted relevant messages you’re sure will resonate. You’ve developed a robust plan to […] […] READ ARTICLE

13.05.2015/ Posted in Articles, Measurement

Google Analytics: A Guide to the Basics

Websites are critical to business in the 21st century—very few companies can do without one. Yet a website is a tool—and it needs to work. How can a company know whether its website is achieving its goals? (And first: Do you have goals that it’s designed to hit? If not, better start with a marketing […] […] READ ARTICLE

17.11.2014/ Posted in Articles, Measurement, Social Media

What You Need to Know About Engagement Rates

As with all digital channels, social media explodes with metrics that marketers can use to determine what works and what needs adjustment. In fact, the channel offers so much data, marketers can get lost in the weeds. Setting measures through which to assess the success of social media efforts along defined objectives is critical to […] […] READ ARTICLE

23.10.2014/ Posted in Articles, Measurement

Best Practices for Conducting Customer Surveys

One of the key building blocks for any business is market research, which may guide the overall business offering, marketing strategy, and sales processes. Your customers, whether current or target, have the most valuable feedback you can get. Customer interviews can always provide value. However, to canvass a larger group for insights, surveys are the […] […] READ ARTICLE

14.05.2012/ Posted in Articles, Direct Marketing, Measurement

The Myth of E-mail Open Rates

Ah, open rates. Anyone who’s sent out an e-mail campaign knows the statistic well. In many cases, open rate is the one percentage people focus on when determining an e-mail campaign’s success. One problem: “Open rate” really means very little. Let’s do a quickie lesson on how open rates are calculated: In the vast majority […] […] READ ARTICLE

18.07.2010/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing, Measurement

Measuring beyond the Click

In the early days of the Internet, advertisers insisted that purveyors of this new and unproven medium show some results in return for shares of their budgets. Thus was born the concept of click-throughs. The practice dates to 1996, when Procter & Gamble purchased online banner ads on Yahoo! The corporation demanded that its payment […] […] READ ARTICLE

26.03.2010/ Posted in Measurement, White Papers

What are Marketing and Communications Worth? Measuring Results against Business Goals

In today’s tight economy, more business leaders say they want to see proof of marketing and communications results, but very few companies hold their marketing departments to the same measurement standards as their sales teams. As a result, many businesses cut back on marketing when they need it the most. Measuring the effectiveness of marketing […] […] READ ARTICLE