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18.02.2019/ Posted in Articles, Direct Marketing

Tips for Your Next Conference Exhibit

If you’re investing valuable financial and time and staff resources to exhibit at a conference or tradeshow, we’re going to assume that the conference aligns with your marketing goals and that you know for a fact your target audience will be there. (Right?) With these foundational elements a given, we’ll assume you attend the same […] […] READ ARTICLE

25.01.2016/ Posted in Articles, Direct Marketing

Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You: Understanding Inbound Lead Generation

Many businesses set growth as a primary business objective. Whether selling widgets or cars, cranes or business solutions, the sales funnel doesn’t work without leads. And leads don’t magically appear in your funnel with an established interest in your product or service or knowledge about your company. This is where marketing and sales intersect. Marketing […] […] READ ARTICLE

27.07.2015/ Posted in Advertising, Articles, Direct Marketing

How to Create Direct Marketing that Doesn’t Flop

Direct marketing is making a specific communication to your target market and then tracking the response. And though some think it might be old fashioned, it still works. Interacting and communicating one-to-one with prospect customers and clients distinguishes direct marketing from what marketers call “above-the-line” marketing efforts, which include traditional advertising and media relations. Direct […] […] READ ARTICLE

07.07.2015/ Posted in Articles, Content Marketing, Direct Marketing

Marketing Beyond Digital Ads

We live in the digital age of marketing. Banners and pop-ups and apps, oh my! In a era dominated by social media advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn, remarketing ads that follow you around the Web, and location-based mobile marketing, is traditional marketing still effective? We say “yes,” but that’s a conditional yes. As with all […] […] READ ARTICLE

23.06.2015/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, SEO

Long-Tail Search Strategy That Works

Digital marketers and search marketers are facing intense competition in Google AdWords.  This competition is driving up the prices of popular search terms, making it difficult for small businesses to compete against their competitors in this space. However, 70 percent of keywords searched are actually from long-tail, more descriptive keywords. A long-tail search campaign is […] […] READ ARTICLE

15.08.2014/ Posted in Articles, Direct Marketing

Best Practices in B2B E-mail Template Design

Don’t get so distracted by data on when to send e-mail and segmenting and targeting the people to whom you’ll send it—though both are important—that you forget to step back and consider the look and feel of the e-mail itself. After all, you want to grab your readers’ attention, right? Beyond just getting them to open the […] […] READ ARTICLE

03.07.2013/ Posted in Advertising, Articles, Direct Marketing

Direct Mail Tips and Tricks

In today’s electronic age, direct mail seems passé—and pricey. Yet when done correctly, direct mail has tremendous value: No matter what someone’s demographic—age, income, sex, ethnicity—or use of the Internet and electronics, he has mail. Some products are best showcased in print. (E-mail doesn’t allow for glossy catalogs, after all.) Everyone reviews mail on the […] […] READ ARTICLE

14.05.2012/ Posted in Articles, Direct Marketing, Measurement

The Myth of E-mail Open Rates

Ah, open rates. Anyone who’s sent out an e-mail campaign knows the statistic well. In many cases, open rate is the one percentage people focus on when determining an e-mail campaign’s success. One problem: “Open rate” really means very little. Let’s do a quickie lesson on how open rates are calculated: In the vast majority […] […] READ ARTICLE

12.03.2012/ Posted in Articles, Direct Marketing, Strategy

Marketing Automation: Five Realities

Marketing automation has been around for a number of years, and it’s gotten more sophisticated over time. To define it for our purposes in this article, marketing automation is a software program—usually connected to a company’s customer relationship management system—that automates some of the steps in a company’s lead-generation efforts. Typically, marketing automation is defined […] […] READ ARTICLE

03.03.2011/ Posted in Articles, Direct Marketing, Strategy

Five Marketing Habits That Are Normal (but Not Okay)

FrogDog got started in 1997, and its marketing professionals have expertise that extends well beyond the company’s inception. Over all this time, we’ve seen companies have the same bad habits when it comes to marketing. A recent FrogDog staff poll turned up five very common marketing mistakes—issues that turn up so regularly that it’s rare […] […] READ ARTICLE