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08.07.2019/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

Do Bounce Rates Matter?

If you look at your website data and see high or low bounce rates, don’t assume that your website is not engaging the user or that it is performing well. There are cases in which a high bounce rate isn’t necessarily a bad thing and sometimes a low bounce rate isn’t as good as it […] […] READ ARTICLE

20.08.2018/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

The Value in Today’s Domain Names

The Internet has come a long way, baby. Back in the days of the World Wide Web—a term that’s mostly retired, but we remember it well—people agonized over finding domain names that spelled out full words, had few nonletter characters, and on and on. And if someone had taken the name they wanted, they often […] […] READ ARTICLE

11.12.2017/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

How’s Your Marketing Hygiene?

It’s like brushing your teeth: If you don’t do it regularly, the consequences are ugly. The unheralded regular, day-in-and-day-out maintenance activities required for marketing can make or break the efficiency and effectiveness of every marketing effort. Will talking about list management keep your nonmarketing colleagues on the edge of their seats? Hardly. Yet if you […] […] READ ARTICLE

12.06.2017/ Posted in Digital Marketing

The Difference between CRM and E-mail Marketing

With all the different types of e-mail platforms, the FrogDog team has run into a proliferating amount of confusion among clients and contacts. Yes, you may have a CRM. No, that does not mean you have an e-mail marketing platform. And vice versa. No, your e-mail marketing platform does not mean you’re doing or have […] […] READ ARTICLE

24.04.2017/ Posted in Digital Marketing

Get Your Business Ready for Local Search

Ever wondered how to get your local business to show up higher on search results? It can seem like a challenge on par with climbing Mt. Everest. But fear not! The complicated path to search engine supremacy begins with a very manageable task. Sure, SEO is a key factor in search results, but so is […] […] READ ARTICLE

23.01.2017/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

The Complexity of Digital Marketing Execution

Sorry. Digital marketing isn’t a one-person job. Doing digital marketing well requires a variety of strengths, skill sets, and experiences. As an idea, digital marketing seems easy. In execution, it’s quite a challenge. Let’s review. Data, Data, and More Data Digital marketers know how to mine the right data and they understand how to decipher […] […] READ ARTICLE

19.12.2016/ Posted in Digital Marketing

Should You Develop an App?

In recent years, many of the companies that have approached us for strategy + implementation have wanted to know whether they should develop apps to help them market and sell their products and services. By and large, the answer is no. Sometimes, the answer is even “heck no.” Here’s why. Let’s Talk about Development Expense […] […] READ ARTICLE

13.12.2016/ Posted in Digital Marketing

E-mail Marketing vs. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation involves e-mail marketing, and e-mail marketing may involve marketing automation… but they aren’t the same thing. What’s the difference? And which one do you need—or have? E-mail Marketing Defined Marketers use traditional e-mail marketing as a digital way to do the same thing they’ve done for decades with direct mail, newsletters, and catalogues: […] […] READ ARTICLE

08.11.2016/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: The What, the Why—and the How

Digital marketing is, well… everywhere. Even so, you may not truly know what digital marketing is, what aspects apply to your business (if any), and how to apply them if they do. We’ve got your back. Read on for a quick crash course in Digital Marketing 101. Digital and Traditional Marketing Defined First, let’s define […] […] READ ARTICLE

04.10.2016/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

5 Powerful Tips to Improve Your Landing Pages

E-mail, digital advertising—even some print advertising—direct mail, and more often invite someone to click or visit a link on the Web to get more information. When they visit that link, they go to what’s called a “landing page.” (Trust us, you don’t want to create a tailored piece of marketing and have it send people […] […] READ ARTICLE

20.09.2016/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

Three Online Paid Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

Have you looked at your ad spend and wondered, “Why are we spending so much on online marketing and don’t see an increase in our sales?” After all, digital advertisers sell billions of dollars a year in ads and you know it’s working for a lot of companies. Why isn’t it working for yours? The […] […] READ ARTICLE

06.09.2016/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

Why Your Digital Marketing Is Failing

Running a company? You have a lot on your plate: Sales, financial management, employee relations and management, product and service development and delivery, supply chain management—and more. In a lot of companies that have grown organically, marketing doesn’t exist. When it does, it’s done haphazardly, based on gut feel. Digital marketing may not even play […] […] READ ARTICLE