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09.08.2016/ Posted in Articles, Communications

Building Stronger Customer Relationships with Big Data

These days everyone is talking about big data. Technology is enabling us to collect and store increasingly detailed consumer data. From what items you frequently purchase at a given store to how often you work out to your seat preference when you fly on a particular airline, companies are able to gather an enormous amount […] […] READ ARTICLE

30.05.2016/ Posted in Articles, Communications

Discovering Your Company’s Value Proposition

How valuable is your company? Not your company’s annual revenue or net worth, but the value that your customers place on your company’s product or service. How does your product solve your customer’s problems? What benefits does it deliver? And why should customers choose your product over those of your competitors? Answers to these questions […] […] READ ARTICLE

09.06.2015/ Posted in Articles, Communications

The What, the Why, and the How of Behavioral Insights

What influences your customers’ buying behavior? How long does it take them to make a decision? What factors do they take into consideration when selecting a product or service? Answers to these types of questions provide insights into consumer behavior. Also known as “behavioral insights,” they incorporate elements of human psychology into the world of […] […] READ ARTICLE

27.05.2015/ Posted in Articles, Communications, Strategy

Eight Ways to Turn Your Business into a Thought Leader

Thought leadership is the process of developing and sharing ideas, insights, and new perspectives to establish an individual or company as the foremost authority in a specialized field. As the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise, thought leaders are trusted sources who move and inspire other people with innovative ideas. To […] […] READ ARTICLE

19.05.2015/ Posted in Articles, Communications

It Doesn’t Have to Be Boring: How to Create Engaging B2B Print Collateral

Thirty years ago, business-to-business (B2B) print collateral was composed of pages of words and numbers to describe a product or service. The marketing team consisted of technical writers, typesetters, and illustrators who hand-drew pie charts and diagrams for marketing collateral, which was often printed poorly in plain black-and-white. With today’s technology, companies can market their […] […] READ ARTICLE

07.05.2015/ Posted in Articles, Communications

How to Turn Your Most Loyal Customers into a Salesforce

People believe other people more than they believe advertisers. Of consumers, 84 percent trust personal recommendations more than other channels of information about products and services. A recommendation from someone known adds authenticity to the product or service and, further, the request for recommendations often happens in real time, the moment someone has a need […] […] READ ARTICLE

06.03.2015/ Posted in Articles, Communications

Referral Marketing Programs that Work

Referral programs are becoming a must-have marketing tactic for business-to-consumer brands. Word-of-mouth marketing is generally more targeted, because people trust people rather than advertisers. A recent Nielsen study shows that 84 percent of consumers trust recommendations from their friends. Previous articles we’ve written on fostering customer relationships in social media and developing loyalty programs address […] […] READ ARTICLE

23.06.2014/ Posted in Articles, Communications, Content Marketing

How to Get More Readers for Your Blog

Having a company blog can be an efficient way to build brand awareness and drive sales for your company. If you’ve read our articles on creating killer content and game-changing design, you know how to create a great blog. So how do you get the right readers to your site? Network On-line networking is important for […] […] READ ARTICLE

14.09.2011/ Posted in Articles, Communications

How to Make Internal Communications Sticky

So you’re reviewing your internal marketing strategy results and seeing, well, nothing. Lackluster would be an overstatement. You’ve got silence. No one reads or heeds anything. In fact, you wonder if they even see what you’re putting out. (Note: If you don’t have an internal marketing strategy, you should. Here are clear signs you need […] […] READ ARTICLE

10.01.2011/ Posted in Articles, Communications

Are You Neglecting Your Most Important Audience?

Many companies create complex marketing strategies and leave out their most important audience: The people who work there. If a company’s knee-jerk reaction is to think its team members don’t matter, it should think again. When employees aren’t on board, they don’t do good work, and whether that’s on the sales/business development side or on […] […] READ ARTICLE

10.01.2011/ Posted in Articles, Communications, Strategy

The World has Changed: Marketplace Repositioning

Our world is dynamic. Large, sweeping events change the way people, businesses, industries, and countries function. The recession that started in 2008 is one example. September 11, 2001, is another. And beyond the large-scale, headline-grabbing events there are the evolutionary daily, hourly, moment-to-moment adjustments that occur as conversations happen, technologies get updated or launched, science […] […] READ ARTICLE