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05.08.2019/ Posted in Articles, Budget

Don’t Starve Your Marketing

As with anything, marketing requires investment to succeed. Want to run a marathon? You need to train multiple days a week, build your mileage, increase your stamina, learn what works for your body with food and hydration—and so on. Some people train for well over a year for their first marathons. Want to grow a […] […] READ ARTICLE

04.03.2016/ Posted in Articles, Budget, Strategy

When and How to Adjust the Price of Your Product or Service

As we’ve discussed in our previous articles on pricing new products and services and pricing special products and services, selecting the optimal pricing strategy is often a difficult task. But once you’ve identified the best strategy for your product or service and set the initial price, you’re done! Right? Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Markets […] […] READ ARTICLE

05.02.2016/ Posted in Articles, Budget, Strategy

Five Pricing Strategies for Special Products and Services

By now you should be familiar with when and why to use skimming and penetration pricing strategies (if not, read the first article in our series on pricing strategies). Skimming pricing and penetration pricing, however, aren’t the only pricing strategies out there, nor are they the optimal strategies for every product. Special cases exist in […] […] READ ARTICLE

11.01.2016/ Posted in Articles, Budget

How to Set a Price for Your New Product or Service

Setting the price for a completely new product can be a real challenge. You cannot use an existing product’s price as a basis for your decision and you run the risk of not realizing enough sales if you go too high or not cashing in on the true value of your product if you go […] […] READ ARTICLE

01.02.2011/ Posted in Articles, Budget, Strategy

How Much Should Companies Budget for Marketing?

Businesses commonly ask how much they should budget for marketing each year. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. Yes, there are rules of thumb, but there are also numerous attenuating factors for each company to consider. The amount a business should budget varies based on its tenure in the marketplace (and if it has multiple products, […] […] READ ARTICLE