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18.06.2018/ Posted in Articles, Branding

Brand Image vs. Brand Reputation: What’s the Difference?

You use these terms. Your team should live by these terms. And your trusty customers can affect these terms—whether you like it or not. Brand image and brand reputation carry significant weight in the success of your business, yet we’ve seen many people use these terms incorrectly. Let’s get brand image and brand reputation straight […] […] READ ARTICLE

27.03.2017/ Posted in Branding

How Your Brand Gets Cool

Is your brand cool? How do you know? Here’s the thing: No single product or service or company or brand is cool to all people. You can be cool to some, but not all. So how do you be cool to the people who matter most to your success? First: Do You Need to Be […] […] READ ARTICLE

19.03.2015/ Posted in Articles, Branding

Conference Exhibits: How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Attending industry conferences can help companies gain exposure and develop new leads. But does your company get the most out of its investment in these events? (For a quick read on the four biggest overall conference-appearance mistakes we see over and over again, click here.) While there is no doubt that conference selection, sponsorship opportunities, […] […] READ ARTICLE

27.03.2014/ Posted in Articles, Branding

Using Your Brand to Set Your Marketing Voice and Tone

You’ve spent hours perfecting your brand promise, values, and attributes. (If you haven’t, start at the beginning of our brand series.) Your actions embody these brand characteristics—and your voice should, too. To ensure the voice of your marketing efforts always reflects your brand identity, you need a voice and tone guide, much like you need […] […] READ ARTICLE

20.01.2014/ Posted in Articles, Branding

Why You Need a Brand Standards Manual

Although brands are more than just logos and colors—see this article series for the full story on branding—the visual representation of your brand needs safeguards to help build and protect brand equity. The Value of Brand Standards Your brand is an asset that requires consistent representation to preserve its value. Brands become recognizable through repetition, […] […] READ ARTICLE

14.11.2013/ Posted in Articles, Branding

Colors and Marketing: A Brilliant Mix

Color. Does it really make a difference? Absolutely! Color is a highly persuasive element when it comes to buyer behavior. Typically, people pass judgment on a company or its offering based on color—and often within the first ninety seconds of interacting with a product, service, or person. Studies show that color increases brand recognition by […] […] READ ARTICLE

14.05.2013/ Posted in Articles, Branding

How to Choose the Right Promotional Product

Promotional products. Most companies buy them for prospects, clients, event attendees—they’re a fact of corporate life. And they do work: Compared to other items when it comes to the cost per number of impressions, promotional items often win. For example, the Advertising Specialty Institute found that the average cost-per-impression for a shirt is 0.005 cents. […] […] READ ARTICLE

21.03.2013/ Posted in Branding

How to Name Your Next Product

Simplicity is often the most difficult quality to achieve. And product names are deceptively simple. How to develop them and how to ensure they’re right for your products are art and science. Let’s look at a few guiding principles: Brainstorming Ensure you have the following questions answered before you get started brainstorming new-product names: What […] […] READ ARTICLE

18.02.2013/ Posted in Articles, Branding

The Pitfalls of Tying a Brand to One Person

Once upon a time, a FrogDog client positioned an executive as a thought leader in its industry. It used the executive’s image in advertising, arranged speaking engagements for him, and otherwise established him as the face of the company. Then he took another job. In other cases, the company founder’s charisma naturally connects him to […] […] READ ARTICLE

15.02.2013/ Posted in Articles, Branding

Rebranding Gone Wrong

Rebranding. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Reevaluating brand promises, values, and attributes and coming up with new logos and color schemes to match. (To read our article series on the how-tos of branding, click here.) Marketers love projects so meaty. And company executives get caught up in the excitement, too. Thing is, rebranding rarely makes sense. […] […] READ ARTICLE