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04.10.2016/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

5 Powerful Tips to Improve Your Landing Pages

E-mail, digital advertising—even some print advertising—direct mail, and more often invite someone to click or visit a link on the Web to get more information. When they visit that link, they go to what’s called a “landing page.” (Trust us, you don’t want to create a tailored piece of marketing and have it send people […] […] READ ARTICLE

20.09.2016/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

Three Online Paid Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

Have you looked at your ad spend and wondered, “Why are we spending so much on online marketing and don’t see an increase in our sales?” After all, digital advertisers sell billions of dollars a year in ads and you know it’s working for a lot of companies. Why isn’t it working for yours? The […] […] READ ARTICLE

06.09.2016/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

Why Your Digital Marketing Is Failing

Running a company? You have a lot on your plate: Sales, financial management, employee relations and management, product and service development and delivery, supply chain management—and more. In a lot of companies that have grown organically, marketing doesn’t exist. When it does, it’s done haphazardly, based on gut feel. Digital marketing may not even play […] […] READ ARTICLE

30.08.2016/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

Three Steps to Adding Video to Your Marketing

By now, you’ve heard that video is a valuable addition to your marketing. So why aren’t you using it? We’re guessing the main reasons are that you don’t know where to begin and how video could work for you. And when you don’t fully know what to do, it’s a little scary. Right? Don’t worry—we’ve […] […] READ ARTICLE

09.08.2016/ Posted in Articles, Communications

Building Stronger Customer Relationships with Big Data

These days everyone is talking about big data. Technology is enabling us to collect and store increasingly detailed consumer data. From what items you frequently purchase at a given store to how often you work out to your seat preference when you fly on a particular airline, companies are able to gather an enormous amount […] […] READ ARTICLE

05.07.2016/ Posted in Articles

Marketing: A Costly Expense or a Profit-Generating Machine?

Do you look at marketing as a budget-busting expense that can be cut during tough economic times? Many executives do, but they’re missing out on a big opportunity. Marketing has changed dramatically since the days when advertising on TV, radio, or print was the most effective—and most expensive—way to get a message out to consumers. […] […] READ ARTICLE

27.06.2016/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

Using E-mail to Reach Your Goals

E-mail has become a staple of our everyday lives, both personally and in business. Because it is such a standard practice for people of all ages, it is no surprise that marketers have been utilizing this medium for years. Maybe you’ve tried e-mail marketing before. Maybe you got great results, maybe you didn’t. As with […] […] READ ARTICLE

13.06.2016/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

Subject Lines that Increase E-mail Open Rates

It is said that Will Rogers once remarked, “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” While it may not be true for all human interaction, it’s quite true when it comes to e-mail marketing. Your first impression is your e-mail subject line and if that’s not written well, you not […] […] READ ARTICLE