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24.09.2018/ Posted in Advertising, Articles

Common Mistakes in Search Ad Campaigns

Mistakes with search advertising cost companies time and money—and quickly. Search engines have made it so easy to start search-ad campaigns that companies rush in and often get burned. If you want to make money with your ads, not lose it, avoid these three most common mistakes. Search Ad Mistake #1: Poor Keyword Selection As […] […] READ ARTICLE

02.04.2018/ Posted in Advertising, Articles

What the Shift in “Waiting” Means for Advertising

Over the past five years, humans have come to rely on their mobile devices for information, maps, scheduling and calendars, contacts and communication, and to-do list reminders. Without them, we’re borderline helpless. We even rely on our mobile phones to entertain us for short pauses in our daily actions. The next time you’re in the […] […] READ ARTICLE

08.01.2018/ Posted in Advertising

Strategic Advertising: Frequency, Timing, Coordination, and Optimization

We’ve told you (and told you) that you can’t do a marketing activity once and expect results. You can’t even just do one type of marketing multiple times for any sort of return, either. Including—or, in some cases, especially—advertising. Whether print or digital, you can’t advertise once or twice—even in a single publication, much less […] […] READ ARTICLE

25.09.2017/ Posted in Advertising, Articles

Keywords are Key to Google AdWords

Those simple search terms you enter into Google unlock a treasure chest of possibilities. And who doesn’t use them? You probably open a browser and search for multiple terms a day. So it seems like you or someone on your team could successfully develop search advertising campaigns without much thought, right? After all, everyone knows […] […] READ ARTICLE

26.06.2017/ Posted in Advertising

What’s New with Facebook Advertising

What has changed with Facebook advertising in 2017? Well, quite a lot, actually. To keep up with the latest tools, tactics and strategies, you need to fully immerse yourself in the world of Facebook’s social media empire. And as you don’t have time to do that, we did it for you. Here are a few […] […] READ ARTICLE

29.09.2015/ Posted in Advertising, Articles, Image Management

The Ins and Outs of Cause Marketing

Have you ever purchased a particular product because the manufacturer promised to make a donation to a nonprofit organization for each product sold? You’re not the only one. When faced with the choice between buying a regular product and one associated with a specific cause, the majority of consumers will pick the one associated with […] […] READ ARTICLE

27.07.2015/ Posted in Advertising, Articles, Direct Marketing

How to Create Direct Marketing that Doesn’t Flop

Direct marketing is making a specific communication to your target market and then tracking the response. And though some think it might be old fashioned, it still works. Interacting and communicating one-to-one with prospect customers and clients distinguishes direct marketing from what marketers call “above-the-line” marketing efforts, which include traditional advertising and media relations. Direct […] […] READ ARTICLE

01.05.2015/ Posted in Advertising, Articles, Digital Marketing

The Lowdown on LinkedIn Advertising

Nowadays, social media channels abound. New platforms launch on a regular basis, each claiming to target audiences in different ways or provide new or better services than the platforms that already exist. Yet through all of this competition, one channel has maintained its position as the best platform for business-minded interactions. If you haven’t guessed […] […] READ ARTICLE

30.03.2015/ Posted in Advertising, Content Marketing

Planning a Webinar: Strategy Comes First

Successful webinars require extensive preparation, and webinars used for marketing purposes are no exception. Before you start recruiting attendees, ask yourself: What do you hope to achieve with your webinar? Which format would best help you meet these goals? To help you answer these questions, we’ve put together a webinar overview, outlining common webinar structures […] […] READ ARTICLE

08.07.2013/ Posted in Advertising, Articles

Out-of-Home Advertising: Still Relevant?

Out-of-home media (OOH), also known less accurately as “outdoor” advertising, has grown consistently in recent years. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, outdoor advertising brought in $7 billion in revenue in 2014. Billboards and signs and such seem old-fashioned in today’s digital age? Think again. Much of the growth in OOH media spend […] […] READ ARTICLE

03.07.2013/ Posted in Advertising, Articles, Direct Marketing

Direct Mail Tips and Tricks

In today’s electronic age, direct mail seems passé—and pricey. Yet when done correctly, direct mail has tremendous value: No matter what someone’s demographic—age, income, sex, ethnicity—or use of the Internet and electronics, he has mail. Some products are best showcased in print. (E-mail doesn’t allow for glossy catalogs, after all.) Everyone reviews mail on the […] […] READ ARTICLE