Implement a Tailored Package of Services for Increased Awareness

Seville Farms is the largest closely held and second largest overall greenhouse operation in Texas. The company grows annuals and perennials and many landscape-tropical plants.

To help it build brand awareness in the consumer marketplace, Seville Farms enlisted FrogDog to employ its newest marketing program suite.


Seville Farms has limited brand awareness in its markets, as it sells its products predominantly to home and garden retail stores and the grocery market and had focused its market efforts on these target audiences in the past.

To increase its brand perception among consumer audiences, the company needed to implement marketing that targeted the right audiences in its geographic areas of services—and it was starting from zero to do so. Further, as this was Seville Farms’s first foray into marketing, it wanted to carefully moderate budgets and ensure measurability of all efforts.


FrogDog developed a custom-tailored implementation plan for its Pro+ marketing program, which included performing the following:

  • Marketing audit
  • Market analysis
  • Message development
  • Implementation timeline
  • Metrics and budgets

With the tailored plan in place, FrogDog executed as promised. FrogDog’s coordinated implementation effort included the following tactics:

  • Content development with on-page SEO and sales-enablement through the CRM
  • Website maintenance
  • Google Analytics set-up and monitoring
  • E-mail marketing, including platform set-up
  • Contact database development, management, and growth
  • E-mail template design and development
  • Custom landing page design, development, and management
  • Real-time coaching and consulting
  • Social media management
  • Facebook advertising


Only four months into the program, FrogDog’s Pro+ marketing was generating significant results for Seville Farms:

  • Overall web traffic to the company websites had achieved 1,066 percent of the targeted goal.
  • E-mail marketing efforts had
    • open rates of 417 percent of goal and
    • engagement rates of 1,118 percent of target.
  • Social media engagement rates surpassed all expectations with
    • Facebook engagement rates at 1,327 percent of goal,
    • Twitter engagement rates at 670 percent of goal, and
    • Instagram engagement rates at 6.047 percent of goal.
  • Facebook ad campaigns had returned 180 percent of the goal conversion rate.

Further, FrogDog’s work has built an e-mail marketing list for Seville Farms—which the company previously did not have—of interested, engaged consumers. The list continues to grow with ongoing activity. The company and FrogDog will leverage these new contacts across multiple future marketing and sales initiatives.

FrogDog’s efforts for Seville Farms continue—and continue to increase consumer awareness, engagement, and interest.

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