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SightLine Health

SightLine Health brings emerging technologies to market that offer innovative, nonsurgical health care treatments. The company was founded on providing magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound ablation (MRgFUS) to eliminate uterine fibroid tumors and has expanded to offer outpatient intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) as well.

The Challenge

  • Upon formation, SightLine Health hired FrogDog Communications to help launch the business and its first MRgFUS clinic in Houston. FrogDog started with a blank slate.
  • MRgFUS was almost completely unknown—by physicians and patients—when SightLine Health launched. FrogDog needed to educate widely disparate audiences: physicians, patients, and insurance companies.
  • A large number of Latinas and African-American women suffer from uterine fibroids, meaning that FrogDog’s work needed to include developing distinct campaign strategies and tactics to address these groups.

The FrogDog Solution

  • Before the company officially began operations, FrogDog Communications began working with SightLine Health to develop its brand (colors, logo, graphical standards, and look-and-feel) and to develop an integrated marketing communications and advertising plan, including tactics to target physicians, insurance companies, and patients from all backgrounds.
  • The comprehensive marketing strategy and tactics that FrogDog developed for SightLine included
    • creating the company’s Web site and marketing materials;
    • coordinating media buys and developing all advertising, including local and national Web, radio, print, and outdoor ads;
    • executing a robust and ongoing media-relations campaign that has featured the company on local and national news outlets, including television, print, and radio in English and Spanish;
    • helping SightLine refine messaging for potential investors;
    • developing tradeshow booth designs and materials highlighting MRgFUS and IMRT to physician and payer audiences;
    • keeping partner physicians informed through monthly e-mail bulletins; and
    • creating brochures, patient letters, and other materials to boost MRgFUS referrals.
  • As the company continues to expand, FrogDog’s marketing and advertising strategies evolve to serve SightLine’s ever-changing needs.
  • When SightLine opened its first IMRT clinic in Houston, FrogDog revamped SightLine’s Web site to highlight the new service, conducted media outreach, launched e-mail bulletins for partners, and created relevant marketing collateral.


  • FrogDog’s ongoing marketing support helped SightLine open additional MRgFUS clinics in Dallas and Atlanta.
  • SightLine’s success has enabled it to secure substantial new investor financing and to persuade leading health insurance companies to expand coverage for MRgFUS.
  • SightLine’s first IMRT clinic treated more than seventy patients in its first four months of operation, and FrogDog provided marketing support as the company launched additional locations in Austin and Lubbock.
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