Increase New-Customer Sales through Direct Marketing


Sharps Compliance provides easy, safe, and environmentally friendly ways for people and professionals to dispose of needles, syringes, and other medical waste. Its collection systems can be found in hospitals, clinics, tattoo and piercing shops, pharmacies, veterinary clinics, assisted living facilities, and more across the United States.


Sharps Compliance had a strong presence among large chains of dental clinics, yet it saw considerable opportunity in outreach to single dental offices with fewer than nine employees. It needed to find a viable way to reach a large number of small businesses spread across the country.


  • FrogDog assessed the main competition in the target market to determine Sharps’ key differentiators.
  • To better understand audiences and define the best Sharps value proposition for the target group, FrogDog researched small dental practices to assess how they operate.
  • FrogDog developed strategic marketing messages for dental office managers and dentists, with slightly different positioning for each group to target their key concerns.
  • FrogDog built a multitouch direct-marketing campaign to hit a set market area over a three-month period.
  • FrogDog crafted direct marketing materials that included e-mail campaigns, direct-mail efforts involving letters and postcards, and digital advertising.
  • All direct-marketing efforts drove the target market to a landing page that reinforced the key marketing messages for small dental practices and pulled visitors into key areas of the Sharps e-commerce site to drive sales.


  • As a result of the campaign, Sharps gained a greater share of its target market.
  • The total number of new orders from small dental practices increased during the campaign.
  • Potential revenue from the dental campaign resulted in positive overall ROI.
  • Sales revenue generated from pilot markets was 7.2 times greater than revenue generated by comparable markets during the same time period.
  • Revenue from the pilot markets was 3.8 times greater than the revenue from those same markets during the previous quarter.
  • Based on the success of the campaign in the pilot markets, the Sharps dental campaign is now implementing in additional U.S. markets.
  • FrogDog won a 2014 Lantern Award from the Business Marketing Association for the Sharps dental-professionals campaign and its results.

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