Increase E-commerce Sales through Social Media and E-mail Campaigns

King Ranch Saddle Shop is a retail and ecommerce business that sells luxury goods such as furniture, luggage, and clothing that features specialty leather and custom details.

The Challenge

King Ranch Saddle Shop is a respected brand among Texans and people familiar with King Ranch across the country.

With retail market spend down nationwide and tight operational resources, it was a challenging time for King Ranch Saddle Shop to increase sales through the website and reduce overstock items.

FrogDog’s mission was to grow the brand’s following and engagement and increase sales across the e-commerce side of its business.

The FrogDog Solution

  • During the research phase of the project, FrogDog discovered opportunities to employ social media best practices and to fine-tune e-mail marketing to help achieve King Ranch Saddle Shop’s goals
  • FrogDog’s work on King Ranch’s brand promise and values led to the development of a voice and tone guide to further establish and build the King Ranch Saddle Shop brand. This ensured the consistency of all digital marketing and communication and helped the effort truly represent and strengthen the brand.
  • FrogDog developed and implemented a strategic e-mail campaign, including
    • crafting an editorial calendar of strategic e-mail communication to existing customers and prospects;
    • segmenting e-mail lists to reflect engagement and purchasing behavior;
    • designing visuals to best present products to targeted consumer profiles;
    • selecting overstocked merchandise to tie in with new and existing products; and
    • tying each e-mail into social media to drive engagement.
  • FrogDog developed a strong social media strategy that focused on building brand loyalty through
    • expanding social media presence;
    • enhancing user interaction; and
    • increasing customer engagement.
  • Social media tactics FrogDog employed included a “fans’ favorites” board on Pinterest, where King Ranch Saddle Shop customers post their favorite items.

The Results

The e-mail campaign performed excellently and achieved the goal of increasing revenue of on-line sales:

  • E-mail achieved an average open rate of 28 percent. The industry standard is 19 percent.
  • E-mail achieved an average click-through-rate of 18 percent. The industry standard is 7 percent.
  • King Ranch Saddle Shop had an 129 percent increase in e-mail driven assisted revenue over the prior year’s numbers.
  • Website visitors from e-mail increased 25 percent over the prior year.
  • The average order value of purchases from e-mail increased by 43 percent over the prior year.

The King Ranch Saddle Shop social media following expanded greatly with FrogDog’s strategy + implementation efforts. The enhanced social media presence delivered an increase in social sales and new visitors to the website:

  • Social assisted revenue increased 20 percent over the prior year.
  • Facebook followers increased 25 percent from the beginning of the campaign.
  • Pinterest followers increased 329 percent from the beginning of the campaign.
  • Twitter followers increased 282 percent from the beginning of the campaign.
  • New users to the website from Twitter increased 458 percent over the prior year.
  • Visitors to the website from Twitter increased 1,236 percent over the prior year.

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