Create a Company Brand and Marketing Strategy

American Surgical Assistants is one of the leading providers of contract surgical assistants for hospitals and outpatient clinics in the United States. Founded in 1999, the company had grown substantially over the years and solidified its predominant market position in parts of Texas and elsewhere in the United States. In 2011, the company attracted private equity investment, poising American Surgical Assistants for rapid growth.


  • With private-equity backing, American Surgical Assistants set robust business growth targets for an eighteen-month period.
  • To achieve its targets, American Surgical Assistants needed a marketing strategy and marketing execution.
  • To keep the American Surgical Assistants agile and enable rapid growth, the company needed a flexible, scalable solution that allowed it to tap into multiple marketing skill sets—from high-level marketplace analysis and marketing strategy development to tactical execution including Web development, social media management, copywriting and copyediting, design, and video and photography production—without having to manage multiple venders or add a significant staff load.

FrogDog Solution

  • FrogDog’s ability to provide strategic marketing thinking, develop complex integrated marketing strategies, and execute the strategies down to providing metrics on results made FrogDog the best partner to help enable American Surgical Assistants’ growth.
  • FrogDog assessed American Surgical Assistants’ market, audiences, and competitive landscape.
  • The research FrogDog performed and FrogDog’s understanding of American Surgical Assistants’ business goals informed the development of an integrated marketing and communications strategy for the company, including a tactical plan and measurement metrics for roll-out. The strategy needed to reach internal stakeholders, surgical assistants, hospital operating room directors, C-level hospital executives, and physicians.
  • FrogDog’s research also informed a complete redevelopment of the American Surgical Assistants’ look and feel and its marketing and internal messaging. In addition, FrogDog used the results of the research to work with American Surgical Assistants to develop a brand promise and brand values and attributes for the organization.
  • To implement the new look and feel and messaging outside the organization, FrogDog developed a new company Web site and brochures for surgical assistants, hospitals, and doctors; created and launched recruitment videos on the corporate Web site; and developed and maintained a social media presence for the company across multiple platforms.
  • To ensure internal buy-in for the new look and feel and messaging and to ensure that American Surgical Assistant’s staff—which is geographically widespread—stayed up to date on the latest company news, policies, and procedures, FrogDog developed and maintained an on-line employee portal.
  • American Surgical Assistants’ staff must be fully trained on the latest surgical techniques and procedures—and a staff that’s well trained is critical to American Surgical Assistants’ brand positioning. To help ensure that the team’s continuing education, FrogDog developed a Web site for training purposes that will become accepted coursework for continuing education credits with the National Surgical Assistant Association (NSAA).

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