Craft a Cause-Marketing Campaign Strategy

Founded by an engaged, active set of board members passionate about funding research into the causes and cures of cancer in children, Curing Children’s Cancer Fund raises funds to fuel research between leading pediatric cancer researchers, including physicians at Texas Children’s Cancer Center. The results of the research CCCF funds are shared across the globe.


Curing Children’s Cancer Fund has a committed, engaged board that keeps operating costs minimal to ensure that funds raised go almost entirely toward pediatric cancer research.

Though this practice helps one aspect of the nonprofit’s mission—funding research—lean operational resources make it challenging for CCCF to raise awareness of the organization. For example, CCCF does not have the staff to organize and run large-scale fundraising events and it does not have a department of development professionals to raise funds personally from the community.

The organization approached FrogDog for a strategy through which it could increase funds for pediatric cancer and increase awareness about its cause—without needing to increase staff or overhead expenses.


  • During the discovery phase of its process, FrogDog found that the board had significant relationships in the U.S. Gulf Coast region with corporations that target consumer populations, rather than other businesses. Further, CCCF had piloted a fundraising campaign with a corporation that sells cleaning products to a Latin American market with promising results.
  • FrogDog recommended that Curing Children’s Cancer Fund focus its efforts on cause-marketing partnerships to fuel its next growth phase, teaming with consumer-focused businesses in the Gulf Coast region to increase the profiles of both organizations—the partner and CCCF—while raising funds for pediatric cancer research.
  • The cause-marketing strategy—and varied detailed options for its execution with different types of corporate partners—would become the “product” that CCCF marketed to prospective partners.
  • Through research and over a series of strategy sessions, FrogDog outlined the path for a successful cause-marketing campaign,
    • defining the joint-partnership product offering (cause marketing) for prospect partner corporations, including key requirements for success;
    • outlining a set of cause-marketing campaign options for potential partner corporations to consider, including time frames and required donations per campaign; and
    • packaging the cause-marketing product for presentation to prospect partner corporations with a “pitchbook” that the board could use to present and sell the concept.
  • For the board, FrogDog developed a targeted contact list of strong potential partners based on the extensive audience research.
  • FrogDog outlined how to execute each of the cause-marketing campaign options when CCCF secured new corporate partners.


  • For the first twelve months of the cause-marketing effort, CCCF sought to secure one to two cause-marketing corporate partnerships with consumer-focused businesses in the U.S. Gulf Coast region.
  • The effort commenced in early 2015 and CCCF has a few partnerships already in the works. Stay tuned for an update!

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