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Project Manager I



Company Description

FrogDog is a branding and marketing strategy firm working with midsize and large corporations to help them achieve their strategic business objectives, primarily around growth, product launches, and market positioning.

Job Description

FrogDog level-one project managers are responsible for the daily management of low-complexity projects. Project Manager I staff take ownership of their assigned projects and see projects through to completion on time, on target, and within budget.

Level-one project managers are responsible for developing, maintaining, and successfully executing project plans, as assigned by the implementation manager, which include producing all project documentation: Project descriptions, tasks, schedules, budgets, and status reports. They are responsible for coordinating and motivating appropriate editorial, design, marketing, advertising, and public relations staff required for project completion.

Project managers must be able to communicate effectively, prioritize multiple projects and anticipate changes, motivate others, pay close attention to details, and continuously stay ahead of each project’s timeline.

To summarize, this position’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Develop project plans and schedules, including budgets, creative briefs, and reports. Demonstrate an understanding of and the ability to think through all steps of a project.
  • Anticipate potential obstacles and use problem solving skills to identify solutions.
  • Manage day-to-day operational aspects of a project, including its scope, parameters, and budget. (This includes assigning and tracking multiple tasks).
  • Ensure marketing efforts align with the client’s marketing strategy. Proactively identify and present new opportunities to the senior project manager that impact the bottom line and achieve goals for our clients.
  • Prioritize multiple projects and shift priorities as necessary.
  • Cultivate positive relationships with clients and FrogDog team members. Plan and manage internal and external communications to ensure that the project details and expected deliverables are effectively relayed. Manage expectations.
  • Lead and guide project meetings and motivate FrogDog teams. Use internal resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Identify opportunities for internal process improvement and make suggestions for change.
  • Thoroughly review all deliverables (copy, layouts, reports, and so forth) to ensure accuracy and maintain a high level of quality assurance.
  • Regularly review and report on how a project’s budget is tracking to relevant team members.
  • Keep the staff member who assigned the project abreast of project status by preparing, updating, and distributing reports on a regular basis.
  • Build a strong knowledge base of each client’s business, organization, and objectives. Proactively recognize and creatively seek out new solutions in solving client needs.
  • Work to answer questions before they are asked for clients and internal teams.
  • Actively participate in client meetings and communications. Be prepared to lead these communications when asked.

Project Manager I staff report to their assigned implementation manager.


Qualified candidates must have the following:

  • Three to five years of marketing experience (internships included)
  • Two to three years of consulting firm or agency experience in a client-facing role or on client-facing teams
  • Experience working with traditional and digital marketing
  • Bachelor’s degree in the social sciences or humanities (liberal arts preferred)
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively plan assignments, manage time, and juggle multiple varied tasks
  • Experience managing complex tasks/project components through to completion on time, within budget, and to specifications
  • Experience developing effective, complete project briefs based on defined project plans
  • Familiarity with developing project plans and the parameters of project management
  • Demonstrated ability to clearly outline all steps in a process and identify gaps and areas of improvement in advance
  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically and apply creative problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrated ability to dive-in and approach challenges head on—and the intelligence to ask questions far in advance where needed
  • Effective interpersonal skills, including a high team-orientation while remaining a focused, proactive self-starter and strong independent worker
  • Excellent and demonstrable written and verbal communication skills
  • High level of detail orientation
  • Passion for learning and an excitement for strategic marketing, including an interest in growing within the company and proactively suggesting ways FrogDog can add value to its clients
  • Excellent computer skills, including facility with MS Office Suite and Adobe Creative Suite

The successful candidate is an organized, problem-solving go-getter who enjoys a fun, fast-paced environment with a lot of variety. We want a hands-on team player passionate about strategic marketing who seeks to grow within a dynamic, entrepreneurial company.

To Apply

Please submit a resume and a cover letter stating the reason for your interest and how your experience applies to what we are seeking to In your subject line, please write “FrogDog Project Manager I.” We look forward to hearing from you!

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