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Higher margins, greater market value, top-notch candidates. Check, check, check—and beyond.

What does your brand promise to your constituents, from employees to customers? What are your brand’s values and attributes?

A strong brand strategy gives FrogDog clients the following advantages:

Further, well defined and established brands inform companies’ positioning, messaging, and business decisions.

FrogDog has developed brand strategy for local, national, and international companies. When can we start to build yours? Contact us today.

Branding Strategy case studies

Protect a Historic Brand

King Ranch Few companies can claim to have used the same brand—literally and figuratively—for more than 150 years. King Ranch is one of them. Its logo is based on an actual cast-iron brand used since the 1850s to thwart cattle rustlers. This iconic South Texas institution epitomizes the culture of the American West. While its […]