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08.14.2017/ Posted in Articles, Recruitment, Social Media

Social Media for Recruitment Marketing

Do you have the talent you need to succeed? According to a 2014 survey, 36 percent of global employers reported talent shortages. That’s the highest percentage since 2007. In a more recent 2015 survey, 73 percent of CEOs reported being uneasy about the availability of vital skills. What’s a CEO to do? Broaden Your Recruitment […] […] READ ARTICLE

07.24.2017/ Posted in Content Marketing

5 Ways to Improve Your Web Content Layout

Why isn’t your web content getting the love it deserves? After all, you worked hard on that video or article or infographic. You heard from trusted sources that it’s good content. So… what gives? Just a thought: Could the blame be the layout and functionality of the page on which you’ve placed it? Fonts Typography, […] […] READ ARTICLE

07.10.2017/ Posted in Media Relations

The Dangers of Wading into the Conversation

We know. It is so, so tempting. After all, the topic is all the rage. Everyone is talking about it. If you could just find a way to get your company name or brand or product into the conversation, it would be a huge marketing win—and would make your company look with-it and relevant, too. […] […] READ ARTICLE

06.26.2017/ Posted in Advertising

What’s New with Facebook Advertising

What has changed with Facebook advertising in 2017? Well, quite a lot, actually. To keep up with the latest tools, tactics and strategies, you need to fully immerse yourself in the world of Facebook’s social media empire. And as you don’t have time to do that, we did it for you. Here are a few […] […] READ ARTICLE

06.12.2017/ Posted in Digital Marketing

The Difference between CRM and E-mail Marketing

With all the different types of e-mail platforms, the FrogDog team has run into a proliferating amount of confusion among clients and contacts. Yes, you may have a CRM. No, that does not mean you have an e-mail marketing platform. And vice versa. No, your e-mail marketing platform does not mean you’re doing or have […] […] READ ARTICLE

05.22.2017/ Posted in Strategy

How to Break through the Noise

There are more ways for people to get in front of your target audience than ever, from the traditional methods of print and television advertising and billboards and signs and even direct mail to the new-fangled digital media zinging information at people through websites, e-mail, social media, and even text messages. It’s overwhelming. And it’s […] […] READ ARTICLE

05.08.2017/ Posted in Strategy

Timeline Touchstones for Planning Marketing

A surprising number of companies wait to address a new initiative’s marketing needs until right before the initiative is scheduled to launch. Take the company that planned to debut a digital product in the United States. Its executives came to FrogDog about a month before the product’s launch date to discuss marketing needs. And how […] […] READ ARTICLE

04.24.2017/ Posted in Digital Marketing

Get Your Business Ready for Local Search

Ever wondered how to get your local business to show up higher on search results? It can seem like a challenge on par with climbing Mt. Everest. But fear not! The complicated path to search engine supremacy begins with a very manageable task. Sure, SEO is a key factor in search results, but so is […] […] READ ARTICLE

04.17.2017/ Posted in Strategy

How to Focus Your Marketing Budget

When companies come to FrogDog seeking marketing help, they typically want to market all the things from all the angles to all the people. Heck. Don’t we all? Would you break through in a big way if you marketed as widely as possible? Absolutely. Yet few of us have unlimited budgets to do everything we […] […] READ ARTICLE

03.27.2017/ Posted in Branding

How Your Brand Gets Cool

Is your brand cool? How do you know? Here’s the thing: No single product or service or company or brand is cool to all people. You can be cool to some, but not all. So how do you be cool to the people who matter most to your success? First: Do You Need to Be […] […] READ ARTICLE

03.13.2017/ Posted in Industry Research

Research: Shifting Responsibilities in the Health Care Industry

To develop and implement effective business strategies and plans for its clients, FrogDog continually reviews industry trends. In our research articles, we share recent insights that affect key industry sectors. Every industry is dynamic, yet the last ten years have seen the health care industry in a hyper-drive of change. New and fluctuating regulation, from […] […] READ ARTICLE

02.27.2017/ Posted in Strategy

Bare-Minimum Marketing

There are a lot of crazy ideas out there when it comes to marketing. And when you read that line just now, you probably imagined some of the bizarre commercials you’ve seen or the wild public stunts that you’d heard about—or even encountered. Yep, that’s one way marketing can get crazy. We won’t lie—the crazy […] […] READ ARTICLE