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01.22.2018/ Posted in Articles, Content Marketing

The Importance of an Editorial Calendar in Marketing

We’re sure that you have exceptional content that your audience wants to read. So why do you find yourself at a loss when it comes to achieving long term content-marketing success? While many factors may play a role—including a lack of strategy and inadequate frequency—we see one frequently overlooked solution: Content marketing more often hits […] […] READ ARTICLE

01.08.2018/ Posted in Advertising

Strategic Advertising: Frequency, Timing, Coordination, and Optimization

We’ve told you (and told you) that you can’t do a marketing activity once and expect results. You can’t even just do one type of marketing multiple times for any sort of return, either. Including—or, in some cases, especially—advertising. Whether print or digital, you can’t advertise once or twice—even in a single publication, much less […] […] READ ARTICLE

12.25.2017/ Posted in Articles, Social Media

Instagram Advertising: What to Know

Nobody, and we mean nobody, lives a life free of Instagram. Even if you don’t personally use the social media platform, you see its posts on Twitter, Facebook, and, well, everywhere. The first-ever photo-driven social media application has come a long way, including a powerful move by Facebook to purchase the app, allowing the two […] […] READ ARTICLE

12.11.2017/ Posted in Digital Marketing

How’s Your Marketing Hygiene?

It’s like brushing your teeth: If you don’t do it regularly, the consequences are ugly. The unheralded regular, day-in-and-day-out maintenance activities required for marketing can make or break the efficiency and effectiveness of every marketing effort. Will talking about list management keep your nonmarketing colleagues on the edge of their seats? Hardly. Yet if you […] […] READ ARTICLE

11.20.2017/ Posted in Articles, Social Media

Should Your Company “Ghost” Snapchat?

Facebook has changed the way of digital ads for businesses. Twitter reigns supreme in the realm of customer service. LinkedIn has made networking easier than ever. What about Snapchat? The sensationalized app has experienced significant challenges as it tries to expand. While yes, traction has been made, it’s been coupled with a highly anticipated IPO […] […] READ ARTICLE

11.13.2017/ Posted in Articles, Content Marketing

Marketing Content that People Will “Pay” For

In the era of digital marketing, increasing your number of e-mail subscribers—your e-mail list—is the key to success many levels. E-mail marketing and marketing automation? Both need sizeable, quality lists to perform. And lest you think that e-mail doesn’t work as a marketing tool, let us assure you that it does. In fact, e-mail is […] […] READ ARTICLE

10.23.2017/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Choosing the Right Marketing Channel

Facebook is a powerful marketing channel. So should you invest your marketing dollars in Facebook ads? And is e-mail marketing enough, or should you try marketing automation as well? How about Twitter and Snapchat? Worth it? Maybe, but maybe not. Choosing the right channel means determining where your target audience spends its time—which may be […] […] READ ARTICLE

10.16.2017/ Posted in Social Media

The New Social Reality

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, companies could spend time on social media—engaging with audiences, posting great information, creating fun videos and pictures and themes—and gather the likes, comments, and favorites needed to build brands and businesses with current customers, prospective clients, and the world at large. We have bad […] […] READ ARTICLE

10.09.2017/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Use Multiple Media for Marketing Success

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Marketing is all about repetition. (See what we did there? Oh, yeah.) Seriously, though, it doesn’t matter how many times we say it, it seems like we can’t say it enough. You can’t try something once and know whether it worked—especially when it comes to marketing. […] […] READ ARTICLE

09.25.2017/ Posted in Advertising, Articles

Keywords are Key to Google AdWords

Those simple search terms you enter into Google unlock a treasure chest of possibilities. And who doesn’t use them? You probably open a browser and search for multiple terms a day. So it seems like you or someone on your team could successfully develop search advertising campaigns without much thought, right? After all, everyone knows […] […] READ ARTICLE

09.18.2017/ Posted in Measurement

Vanity Metrics: A Cautionary Tale

Do your numbers sound good—and don’t mean anything? How can you help ensure your marketing aligns with your business goals—and is measured accordingly? Unfortunately, it’s easy to get seduced by vanity metrics—measurements, calculations, numbers, graphs, and charts—that look impressive, but aren’t relevant to your core business goals and the marketing goals you’ve set to align […] […] READ ARTICLE

09.11.2017/ Posted in Strategy

Start with Your Goals

Sometimes we feel like little kids at FrogDog: We ask “why?” a lot. Why do you want to issue a press release? Why do you feel PPC advertising is the silver bullet? Why do you want a brochure? Why do you think social media is the cornerstone of your marketing effort? Quite often, the requesters […] […] READ ARTICLE