The Latest in Content Marketing Trends

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You’re sitting on information that could help your customers and gain you leads. Getting that information in front of them can be difficult, but good content marketing can make that happen. If you aren’t familiar with content marketing, read this article to get the basics. But if you are looking for the latest in content marketing trends, read on.


A podcast is a digital audio file available for download or streaming, often available as a series. A podcast is essentially content in audio form and is another great option to consider in addition to video and written content.

What benefits do podcasts present?

Podcasts are typically free to access. Listeners can often download podcasts through iTunes or listen live on other platforms. There are also many apps available for podcasts, including the popular Overcast. Podcasts are marketed through word of mouth, apps or podcast manager recommendations, or intermixed with other content. Links to podcasts can be included in e-mails and posted on social media.

Podcasts can easily be stored behind a free paywall or in a free subscription service. This allows you to collect contact information and other data, such as purchasing history, about the audience and curate content for them.

Written content usually needs to be kept short, which sometimes means the topic doesn’t get covered in enough detail. However, podcasts are typically 20-60 minutes long, so the audience gets to hear the full context. Because of this, podcasts are great for interviews, and interviews with experts at your company is a smart thought leadership tactic.

LinkedIn Pulse

Pulse is LinkedIn’s version of a news feed with over 130,000 unique articles published weekly. Pulse is available on LinkedIn’s website as well as on its own app for mobile.

While you can view one individual’s articles all in one place, like a blog, there are some benefits to publishing content on LinkedIn Pulse for everyone to view.

  • LinkedIn is already a trusted medium, adding a level of authenticity to the articles. The credibility of Pulse has been compared to networking events, but with the ability to reach more people.
  • Because people already visit LinkedIn, you don’t have to be concerned with attracting people to your blog.
  • Out of all B2B social media leads, 80 percent come from LinkedIn.

Longform posts on LinkedIn’s Pulse network typically gain over 25,000 views, 300 likes, and over 200 comments.

Branded Communities

A branded community is a community formed because of an attachment to a brand or product. This can be anywhere where users can interact with your brand and with each other. Forum style communities are very popular.

Branded communities usually use a free paywall, where people must register or provide their contact info in order to access the community. These communities are gathering places for your fans and allow you to hand select great brand advocates. You often also end up with a good variety of quality user generated content.

Here are two examples of using branded communities:

My Starbucks Idea works on the same principle as the customer “suggestion box” for the global coffee chain’s 150,000+ members. Since it started, Starbucks has implemented nearly 300 ideas including digital tipping, peach green-tea lemonade, and even the hugely popular free Wi-Fi. The fact that Starbucks actually implemented and followed through with many of the customers’ ideas, shows that the brand listens to consumers and encourages innovation and ideas.

Being Girl, which features many top female brands such as Always and Tampax, was created in 2000 as an informative resource for pre-teen and teenage girls. This community serves as a digital big sister and allows for open discussion and the opportunity to ask their resident expert, Anna, for advice about menstruation, acne, dating, and eating disorders. The book “Groundswell cited Being Girl as requiring just a one percent conversion rate to offer a three times ROI built on the brand loyalty that the community inspires.

These are merely three trends to enhance your content marketing. The best way to get your marketing to work for you is to start with a strategy. Not sure where to start? FrogDog can help.


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