We provide the road map to help you achieve your goals. Then we drive it, reporting in along the way.

Want strategic advantage in your market? FrogDog’s strategy + implementation efforts deliver:

How do we do it?

Phase One: Marketing Strategy and Plan Development
FrogDog provides comprehensive marketing strategy and plan development:

Phase Two: Plan Implementation
Once you’ve approved the marketing strategy and plans FrogDog has developed, we put them in play. FrogDog implements your company’s marketing plan from start to finish just as an internal marketing team would—and with nimbleness, flexibility, and scalability.

Our team becomes your team, overseeing everything across the marketing spectrum—from writing content and designing print and digital marketing materials to managing your social media, overseeing your media relations efforts, and managing your digital ad spend—and reporting to you regularly on results.

When can we get started on helping your company achieve its goals? Contact us today.

Strategy + Implementation case studies

Reposition a Company in the Current Competitive Landscape

HealthHelp is the industry leader in specialty benefits management. Its clients administer local, statewide, and national health care plans across the country. Since 1997, FrogDog has provided HealthHelp with full-service marketing and corporate-communications services, including branding, public and media relations, investor relations, employee relations, and sales support. The Challenge In a small and highly competitive […]