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30.05.2016/ Posted in Articles, Communications

Discovering Your Company’s Value Proposition

How valuable is your company? Not your company’s annual revenue or net worth, but the value that your customers place on your company’s product or service. How does your product solve your customer’s problems? What benefits does it deliver? And why should customers choose your product over those of your competitors? Answers to these questions […] […] READ ARTICLE

16.05.2016/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

Getting Out of the Graymail

Growing your subscribers and database of contacts is almost always a goal among businesses. We agree, growth is good. But there comes a time when you may have too many contacts. Too many? How can I have too many contacts? The amount of graymail you’re sending is the clearest sign of too many contacts. What […] […] READ ARTICLE

09.05.2016/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

Digital Tactics for Effective Lead Generation

When it comes choosing the right tactical mix for marketing, it’s important to keep in mind what you hope to achieve through your marketing efforts. Tactics that support one strategy, such as brand awareness, may not support a different strategy so strongly, such as education. If your company sponsors a major industry event, for example, […] […] READ ARTICLE

25.04.2016/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

When Your Business Needs a Strategy

When FrogDog first meets their clients, they discuss their business’s list of challenges and goals but are sometimes unsure of how to get there. FrogDog always starts with a strategy. Why? Because businesses need that road map to help the company achieve their goals. What is a strategy? A strategy is the major goals, purposes, […] […] READ ARTICLE

18.04.2016/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

Reactivation Marketing: Re-engaging Quiet Customers

Call them what you will—lost leads, previous customers, former fans, graymail—all companies have a database chock full of people who haven’t engaged in some way with the company in weeks, months, and (yikes!) years. Whether its people who fell out of the sales funnel or customers who found a different brand, these people represent a […] […] READ ARTICLE

13.04.2016/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing, Social Media

Using Reddit to Promote Your Business

If you’ve read our article about what businesses should know about Reddit, you probably know that Reddit is a social media site that is quite different from more traditional sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It follows, then, that you’ll need to take a different approach to promoting your business on Reddit than you do […] […] READ ARTICLE

04.04.2016/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Marketing for Lead Generation

Ask a company what they hope to get from their marketing efforts and almost all of them will tell you, “Leads, leads, leads!” How do you generate those elusive leads? The best course of action is to start with a lead generation strategy. Lead generation is a unique marketing strategy in that it relies on […] […] READ ARTICLE

30.03.2016/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Planning for Growth in Business

Planning is the ongoing management process of setting objectives to be achieved during a certain period of time, developing a plan of action, and continuously monitoring results so regular evaluations and, if necessary, modifications, can be made to the objectives and action plan. It is the process of making today’s decisions with the future in […] […] READ ARTICLE

21.03.2016/ Posted in Articles, Strategy

Marketing Messages that Resonate with Your Customer

Ironically, the term marketing messages sounds like it could be a broad term for all different types of marketing content from websites to brochures to advertising. In actuality, marketing messages are three to four very specific, short statements that support what your business does best and how your company is positioned in the marketplace relative […] […] READ ARTICLE

17.03.2016/ Posted in Articles, Digital Marketing

Tips on Creating a Website for Lead Generation

You’ve built a good company with an even better product. You’ve invested in a website to showcase your product. Time has passed, and you haven’t sold nearly as much product as you would like. You need to find those people who want or need your product. You need leads. Lead generation is a focused marketing […] […] READ ARTICLE

04.03.2016/ Posted in Articles, Budget, Strategy

When and How to Adjust the Price of Your Product or Service

As we’ve discussed in our previous articles on pricing new products and services and pricing special products and services, selecting the optimal pricing strategy is often a difficult task. But once you’ve identified the best strategy for your product or service and set the initial price, you’re done! Right? Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Markets […] […] READ ARTICLE