Reposition a Company in the Current Competitive Landscape

HealthHelp is the industry leader in specialty benefits management. Its clients administer local, statewide, and national health care plans across the country.

Since 1997, FrogDog has provided HealthHelp with full-service marketing and corporate-communications services, including branding, public and media relations, investor relations, employee relations, and sales support.

The Challenge

In a small and highly competitive playing field, HealthHelp’s messaging and branding had become too similar to its competitors. Further, HealthHelp had worked hard internally to differentiate its products and overall value proposition. The company needed to unveil its new focus and highlight its advantages to external audiences.

FrogDog to the rescue. HealthHelp tasked its longstanding marketing partner with repositioning its brand to reflect the new HealthHelp.

The FrogDog Solution

  • FrogDog performed an extensive analysis to understand the positioning of HealthHelp’s key competition, including strategic messaging, visual branding, key marketing initiatives, client mix, sales activity, and business-goal indicators.
  • FrogDog researched top branding trends within health care and other industries to identify new best practices that would align with HealthHelp’s brand positioning and strategy and its key marketing messages.
  • FrogDog developed a new look and feel for the HealthHelp brand that pulls from the latest design trends, including custom illustrations, infographics, flat graphical elements, and responsive digital design to represent HealthHelp’s continued innovation in its field.
  • FrogDog evolved the HealthHelp logo to match the flat design recommended in the visual rebranding effort and modified the brand standards guide it had earlier created to ensure all materials visually tied to the company’s new look and feel.
  • FrogDog reviewed the latest updates to HealthHelp’s product offerings and developed new messaging to encapsulate their value. The new messaging involved analysis of program results data to provide hard numbers around the benefits of working with HealthHelp.
  • FrogDog rolled out its new visual branding effort over a six-month period, starting with the logo evolution and company website. FrogDog then created sales materials, a client web portal, document and presentation templates, and more to further the new brand across the organization and its activities.


  • HealthHelp’s fresh new branding has crystalized its value proposition to the marketplace. Over the past year, the company has seen increased new-business leads.
  • FrogDog’s work on the company’s new Web site won a 2014 Award of Excellence from the Business Marketing Association.

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