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04.24.2017/ Posted in Digital Marketing

Get Your Business Ready for Local Search

Ever wondered how to get your local business to show up higher on search results? It can seem like a challenge on par with climbing Mt. Everest. But fear not! The complicated path to search engine supremacy begins with a very manageable task. Sure, SEO is a key factor in search results, but so is […] […] READ ARTICLE

04.17.2017/ Posted in Strategy

How to Focus Your Marketing Budget

When companies come to FrogDog seeking marketing help, they typically want to market all the things from all the angles to all the people. Heck. Don’t we all? Would you break through in a big way if you marketed as widely as possible? Absolutely. Yet few of us have unlimited budgets to do everything we […] […] READ ARTICLE

03.27.2017/ Posted in Branding

How Your Brand Gets Cool

Is your brand cool? How do you know? Here’s the thing: No single product or service or company or brand is cool to all people. You can be cool to some, but not all. So how do you be cool to the people who matter most to your success? First: Do You Need to Be […] […] READ ARTICLE

03.13.2017/ Posted in Industry Research

Research: Shifting Responsibilities in the Health Care Industry

To develop and implement effective business strategies and plans for its clients, FrogDog continually reviews industry trends. In our research articles, we share recent insights that affect key industry sectors. Every industry is dynamic, yet the last ten years have seen the health care industry in a hyper-drive of change. New and fluctuating regulation, from […] […] READ ARTICLE

02.27.2017/ Posted in Strategy

Bare-Minimum Marketing

There are a lot of crazy ideas out there when it comes to marketing. And when you read that line just now, you probably imagined some of the bizarre commercials you’ve seen or the wild public stunts that you’d heard about—or even encountered. Yep, that’s one way marketing can get crazy. We won’t lie—the crazy […] […] READ ARTICLE

02.14.2017/ Posted in Strategy

The Sales-Marketing Spectrum

Whether you realize it or not, your company falls on a sales−marketing spectrum. And how you handle where you fall on this spectrum matters a great deal to your company’s growth prospects. Here’s why: The Sales Far Side On one end of the spectrum: Companies that only need sales efforts supported by what people in […] […] READ ARTICLE

01.23.2017/ Posted in Digital Marketing

The Complexity of Digital Marketing Execution

Sorry. Digital marketing isn’t a one-person job. Doing digital marketing well requires a variety of strengths, skill sets, and experiences. As an idea, digital marketing seems easy. In execution, it’s quite a challenge. Let’s review. Data, Data, and More Data Digital marketers know how to mine the right data and they understand how to decipher […] […] READ ARTICLE

01.09.2017/ Posted in Strategy

Taking Existing Offerings to New Markets: Three Variables

FrogDog does a considerable amount of work helping client companies launch products and services—and take existing products and services to new markets and audiences. For the latter, we’ve helped bring service components from a medical supplier together into a package we could take to large medical manufacturers, we’ve helped bring a catalogue business into the […] […] READ ARTICLE

12.27.2016/ Posted in Social Media

Live Streaming in the Mainstream

Live streaming isn’t exactly new—it’s been around for a few years—but it’s hit the mainstream for businesses. That’s because live streaming video is more accessible and accepted due to advances in technology—most notably, mobile capabilities. Applications like Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat are just a few of the players in the race for live streaming domination. […] […] READ ARTICLE

12.19.2016/ Posted in Digital Marketing

Should You Develop an App?

In recent years, many of the companies that have approached us for strategy + implementation have wanted to know whether they should develop apps to help them market and sell their products and services. By and large, the answer is no. Sometimes, the answer is even “heck no.” Here’s why. Let’s Talk about Development Expense […] […] READ ARTICLE

12.13.2016/ Posted in Digital Marketing

E-mail Marketing vs. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation involves e-mail marketing, and e-mail marketing may involve marketing automation… but they aren’t the same thing. What’s the difference? And which one do you need—or have? E-mail Marketing Defined Marketers use traditional e-mail marketing as a digital way to do the same thing they’ve done for decades with direct mail, newsletters, and catalogues: […] […] READ ARTICLE

11.29.2016/ Posted in Strategy

What are Marketing Personas?

Personas are composite creations—aggregates designed to approximate the predominant archetypes of people in a target group. As with every aggregate, there are outliers in each group that will not fit within the group’s persona. Say what? When to Create a Persona Developing personas makes sense when you are analyzing the research of a population or […] […] READ ARTICLE